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Foot Swelling | Diabetes Foot Swelling- FAQs

Many patients apprenhencive about Foot Swelling|Diabetes Foot Swelling what does it suggest?
Most of the patients have bilateral leg and Foot Swelling|Diabetes Foot Swelling which is due many reasons which increases on hanging legs down and decreases on lying down,where no swelling will be noticed in early morning while getting up from bed,these swelling need not require any specific treatment unless patient getting recurrent attacks of cellulitis leg because of itching and scratching or distal fungal infection ,in these conditions compression stocking will avoid edema if weared in the morning

Which Foot Swelling|Diabetes Foot Swelling should be immediately treated?
Any abnormal unilateral Foot Swelling|Diabetes Foot Swelling should raise suspicion either it is charcot foot/quiesant bone infection/cellulitis foot,
Any unilateral Foot Swelling|Diabetes Foot Swelling with redness in skin ,increased warmth over swelling,pain over swelling,skin discolration over swelling should be consulted with your foot doctor for emergency treatment

What is charcot foot ?finding right foot doctor is very essential for preventing bone collapse and serious complications in charcot foot
Bones in neuropathic foot are weak and on trivial unnoticable trauma can lead to bone fractures which presents as simple unilateral Foot Swelling|Diabetes Foot Swelling ,diabetic patients continue to walk with fractures because of loss of pain perception unaware that they developed fracture,
Most patients see their near by doctor but many doctor misdiagnose charcot foot with cellulitis and mismanage ultimately patients ends up in serious complications which could be avoidable

diabetic foot

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