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diabetic foot

Diabetic foot treatment- misconceptions

Diabetic Foot  Treatment - Many patients are commonly mismanaged either because of unawareness of diabetic foot ulcers treatment by many doctors or by patient negligence by itself .

Diabetic  Foot  Treatment - comprises patients identification in diabetic foot clinic with high risk category for diabetic foot ulceration and preventing it to get into stages that can lead to diabetic foot infections

So which stage would you like to get treated?

Podiatry intervention is to block various stages from progressing. Routine treatment of these cases can lead to mismanagement ending in amputation.

Diabetic foot treatment

callus leads to trophic ulcer (11 fold risk)/bone infections(abnormal swelling toes)/wet gangrene finally ends in amputations

Diabetic foot ulcer-Trophic ulcer(non healing wound > 2 months) can progress to diabetic foot infections(15-20% times) /bone infections/wet gangrene finally ends up in amputations

Most of these foot problems are preventable through proper foot care and regular visits to your podiatrist detecting diabetic foot neuropathy and taking precautions avoiding amputations


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