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Diabetic Foot | Dr.Somesh Podiatry Clinic - view commonly searched information (FAQs) and solutions for individual unresolving diabetic foot conditions , at our website, chennai, india , you could see treated diabetic foot conditions (photos) here by Dr.P.N.Someshwara Rao,MS,MRCSEd,FPS (podiatrist/foot doctor), who does diabetic foot salvage surgery in many cases advised diabetic foot amputation outside, provides solutions for complicated diabetes foot ulcers(trophic ulcers)/ persisting diabetic foot infections not settling after routine treatment with antibiotics/ dressings/ foot surgery / (MCP/MCR) Footwear


diabetic foot

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  • Bone infection
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  • Diabetic foot gangrene
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Diabetic Foot Clinic -Identifies those at high risk for diabetic foot ulceration by foot examination and some basic tests like doppler,biothesiometry,foot pressure study.

Diabetic Foot Clinic - Educate patients at high risk of diabetes foot about the methods of amputation prevention.

Diabetes Foot ulcers which are not healing for more than 3 months are commonly mismanaged cases by some doctors and due to patient negligence many end up with diabetic foot infections/diabetes foot amputations.which could be avoided by proper Diabetic Foot | Dr. Somesh Clinic services


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